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This is already the forth year that Mercury Jewellery has been partnering with the Moscow International Film Festival continuing the tradition of supporting the most significant cultural events in Russia.

The Mercury Jewellery company has manufactured the main prizes for the festival: the figurines of Saint George riding a silver horse and slaying the dragon with a spear. The “Golden Saint George” figurine is made from gilded silver and the “Silver Saint George” figurine is made from silver. The foundation of the figurine featuring the Mercury logo in gold is made from adder stone.

Golden Saint George Golden Saint George

The “Golden Saint George” is awarded for the “Best film in the competition program” and for “Contribution into the world cinema art”.

Silver Saint Georges Silver Saint Georges

The laureates in seven nominations are awarded with the “Silver Saint Georges”.
Mercury Jewellery is also the author of a gilt silver chain with three medallions embossed with the main symbol of Moscow: Spasskaya Tower, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Saint George. This chain eponymizes the symbol of “power, wisdom and justice”.

The president of the cinema festival hands it to the chairman of the panel of judges of the Moscow International Cinema Festival as a token of respect and recognition.
The special prize for conquering the summits of the art of acting and faithful adherence to the principles of Stanislavsky’s school “I believe. Konstantin Stanislavsky” stands out for its original design.

I believe. Konstantin Stanislavsky I believe. Konstantin Stanislavsky

Mercury Jewellery is renowned
for the elegant and timeless design of jewellery, the high quality of its precious stones and jewellers’ excellent craftsmanship.

All Mercury jewellery is made of 18K gold and precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The Brand’s collection comprises unique precious stones and haute joaillerie items in which the brand rightfully prides itself. All stones have international certification, and the items are provided by Mercury’s certificate of authenticity.
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