i believe

There is no need to go into detail while describing the importance of the Konstantin Stanislavsky Award “I Believe” at the Moscow International Film Festival.

It is sufficient to give the names of the recipients.

.Jack Nicholson Jeanne Moreau Meryl Streep Harvey Keitel Fanny Ardant Daniel Olbrychski Gérard Depardieu Oleg Yankovsky Isabelle Huppert Emmanuelle Béart Ksenia Rappoport Catherine Deneuve Helen Mirren Jacqueline Bisset Marina Neyolova Ralph Fiennes Svetlala Kriuchkova Michele Placido Nastassja Kinski

One can call them stars of world, universal or whatever magnitude. Or one can use the academic term “classics” despite the fact that the phrase “film classics” is usually reserved for directors.
It is generally considered that filmmakers (moreover, only very few of them) “create their universe”, shape a new film language and even define a new agenda for national and international art as a whole. Actors after all merely express the filmmaker’s will… To disprove this banality once and for all it is sufficient to watch Meryl Streep or Jack Nicholson for some ten minutes. Everything becomes clear, both the scale of their talent and the scale of their personalities. Each of the above mentioned people considered it an honour to come to Moscow and receive the prize of the Moscow Film Festival which is awarded for “Conquering the Heights of Acting And Remaining True to the Principles of K.S.Stanislavsky’s School”. We dare say that the first part of the wording was not the most important thing for the recipients. All top-ranking world festivals time and again justly congratulated them on “conquering the heights of acting”. They went to Moscow because of Stanislavsky and every recipient stressed it in his acceptance speech on stage. Almost every one of them said and continues to say in what ways he considers himself to be the adherent of method acting and in what he differs from its principles. We ponder about what exactly is our national heritage but we do not always remember that every minute world cinema is talking about Stanislavsky, is arguing about him and by consequence lives by him. “I was talking to Sean Penn on the phone today. I told him it was interesting that they managed to leave me off this long list of Method actors they'd published in some article. I told him, "I'm still fooling them!" I consider it an accomplishment. Because there's probably no one who understands Method acting better academically than I do, or actually uses it more in his work. But it's funny — nobody really sees that”. Jack Nicholson’s usual day and usual telephone conversation, about which the actor told the Esquire magazine.
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