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"I am interested in talking about the nature of cinema", the director Roman Mikhailov about the film We Should Make Movies About Love

The director Roman Mikhailov, the producer Yulia Vityazeva, the actors Mark Eidelshtein, Alexandra Kiselyova, Chingiz Garaev presented the film We Should Make Movies About Love participating in the Russian Premiere Competition of 46thMoscow International Film Festival.

A Russian film crew arrives in Varanasi to make an art-house movie. The atmosphere of the ancient town prompts pondering on the meaning of surrounding things, the point of cinema, the values that are generally considered universal and are taken for granted. Soon the shooting process falls to pieces and the film starts making itself. This is a parable about the decomposing world and ways of fixing it, and about love as the only remedy to cure it.

Roman Mikhailov: "I am a faithful Christian and for me cinema is part of my spiritual journey, when you find blessing you feel love to this world and transfer it using all means – through writing, theatre, cinema. I have been interested in talking about the nature of cinema for long. I am reading the two-volume work by Gilles Deleuze: he believes cinema is a will to power, not to rule, but to create and invest yourself, cinema symbolizes this will and power in the Nietzschean sense. It is very strange to me. Boiling inside me are my reflections, which create the reality we see on the screen later. I live in this reality, think it, and realize it".

Alexandra Kiselyova: "Roman is a magic person changing people's destinies. We all feel his magic, we don't understand what happens to us, but this is a blessing for real. When I returned from India, I didn't understand how I could further exist in other projects, because the format of Roma's work, how he tailors scripts to actors – it's incredible. Everything you see on the screen is not a film, it's just us in certain circumstances. There isn’t a shred of unreal emotions there".

Mark Eidelshtein: "At some point, in our profession there is an emerging fear of making a mistake, but after we made this film with Roma in India, we discovered that a mistake is the coolest thing that could happen to you. When creativity depicts a mistake, this is just cool and from that you can get much more inspiration and strength than from something, which is shot smoothly and error-free".

Chingiz Garaev: "When it comes to my life, Roma changed it about a year ago when we worked together for the first time at the filming of Nasledie. Both that film and India were mind-blowing experiences. India had a strange influence on me: after India, I started to think I should live differently, this shooting turned me around".

Yulia Vityazeva: "Working with Roman is the most interesting experience in my life. When you do what you love, you get feedback, including at festivals, and your films even bring returns. So, we need to keep doing it. Keep making movies about love".