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"Many people wanted to make a film about Ali Akbar Sadeghi, but did not know how to do it", the producer Arash Sadeghi Lavasaninia about the Iranian doc Facing the Rook

The producer Arash Sadeghi Lavasaninia presented the film Facing the Rook participating in the Documentary Film Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The Film focuses on the contemporary Iranian artist Ali Akbar Sadeghi offering a free interpretation of his dreams and poems. The story revolves around the artist's latest piece, an artwork with a clear violent expression that is different from his previous pieces.

Arash Sadeghi Lavasaninia: "Many people wanted to make a film about Ali Akbar Sadeghi, he did graphics, sculpture, painting and was a poet. And we had a big question on how to reflect all his creative sides. The easiest way was to make a documentary about the artist. But we decided to use not quite a standard approach. We set questions, did a study to understand what is happening inside an artist's mind when he is at work and how he makes his creations. We took the psychological perspective. And while we were working on this film, we discovered an interesting psychological feature: the artist created the paintings he dreamt about. Meaning that he got inspiration while sleeping when he encountered his self. This is what we tried to show in the film".