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"A child's pure view of the tragic events largely resonated with my feelings", Miloš Biković of the film The Erl-King about 1999 NATO bombings

The director Goran Radovanović and the producer, actor Miloš Biković presented the film The Erl-King participating in the Main Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film tells a story of the eight-year-old Sava who has to flee to evacuate because of NATO's bombings in 1999 – his mother takes the boy with her to avoid death and preserve his pure and naïve mindset.

Miloš Biković: "This film is more auteur than a producer product. I liked the approach of the director Goran Radovanović who decided to show this story through child's eyes. Looking at what happened to this boy and seeing the war through his eyes largely resonated with my feelings, as I was the same age when all this happened. This child has not yet come to know big sins, he looks at the world as an idealist and when he faces this dark and illogical evil, what happens inside his soul? This is what intrigued me in the film and this is why I decided to help Goran realize his idea".

Goran Radovanović: "This boy is a symbol of the Serbian society. In the film, I wanted to explore fear as an archetype. I believe the Serbian people decently stood to the tragedy 25 years ago. Each nation has an intrinsic strive for survival, and this is what the Serbian people had and they had optimism, which guided us through this tragedy. The Serbian people won the fear during these 25 years, but it remained deep in their minds, so for me it was very important to explore this collective fear issues".