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"Our film is inspired by a true story", the producer Anzhela Guseva speaks of the project Alive in Mo

The producer Anzhela Guseva presented the film Alive in Mo directed by Grigore Bechet, co-produced by Russia, the Republic of Moldova and Romania and participating in the Main Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

A young man from Moldova is lured to work abroad, in Moscow. He expects to be working by within his medical specialty in a hospital where he is referred to. But the position they give him is not at charming. Having been cheated, the character has to resolve to act fiercely.

Anzhela Guseva: "The film is inspired by a true story. This is a story of a medical college student, a friend of our film's director. He had to work somewhere to pay another term and he went to Moscow where they he was promised a ward attendant job, but then he was assigned to a mortuary. And he was really afraid of corpses, as he hadn't studied morbid anatomy yet. We filmed a real mortuary and almost the whole crew was involved. Even the director played a corpse. Only the cameraman was not filmed. Unexpectedly, the easiest thing for us was to shoot at the Red Square. We filmed at night in autumn when it was cold already and our actors did not have warm clothes, and the Kremlin's commandant office not only helped us approve the shooting, but they also gave the actors and the crew hot tea to keep everyone warm".