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"Our film is based on impressions from a real story", the director Miguel Salgado about the film Shame

The director Miguel Salgado and the script writer Alfredo Mendoza presented the film Shame participating in the Main Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film characters, Pedro and Lucio, are kidnapped and confronted to a death match to survive. Pedro wins and gets his freedom. Although tormented by guilt, Pedro does not find the courage to tell the truth to his friend's grieving family. Consequences following this will come soon…

Miguel Salgado: "Since 2010, when the president declared war on drug cartels, gangs' violence against people has been increasing in Mexico. Gangs needed more power and started recruiting people. Some young guys joined gangs themselves because they were poor, some were kidnapped. The film is based on a real story like this. In 2011, there was a massacre in San Fernando when whole trucks with migrants were kidnapped, then many of them were violently killed and their bodies were never found. We created our film based on impressions from this story".

Alfredo Mendoza: "Our film is a debut for most of the shooting crew members. It was made by the Mexican cinema school, and we are proud to be presenting it at Moscow International Film Festival, because, as is known, Mexican cinema has very strong ties with the Russian cinema school".