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"I want cinema turn us inside out", the Main Competition Jury about their expectations from their work at 46 MIFF

The Jury of the Main Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival – Gulnara Sarsenova, a producer, director and scriptwriter from Kazakhstan, the Russian actress Elena Lyadova, the Turkish director Hüseyin Karabey, the Russian filmmaker Igor Voloshin, the Serbian actor, scriptwriter and director Radoš Bajić, and the Jury Chair, the director, scriptwriter and producer from Iceland Fridrik Thor Fridriksson – spoke about the expectations from their work at the Festival.

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson: "Of course, I will look for films, which are made with passion, with love. With love of heroes, with history. Professional skills of their creators are also important, that is why there are so many professionals with me in the Jury".

Hüseyin Karabey: "Making films is not an easy job, that is why I am happy that I do not present my film but participate in the Jury. Well, of course, we have a great job to do. But I believe this is a part of the game: sometimes you compete for a prize and sometimes you decide whom to award it. I think that the competition films are wonderful, as they have been selected to participate at such a great festival. I look forward to the screenings with pleasure".

Radoš Bajić: "I hope there will be wonderful films in the competition program. I congratulate the organizers of the Festival and Nikita Mikhalkov personally who is a legend not only in Russia but also in Serbia, because in such challenging conditions you managed to preserve and resume the brilliant tradition of Moscow International Film Festival".

Elena Lyadova: "I expect impressions from the competition – they can be different but, most importantly, to have the impressions that will last with me".

Gulnara Sarsenova: "Any film causes emotions and the more powerful they are the more impressions it brings, with more inner changes. If the film is good, I can feel like I change myself or at least think about changing. I hope that the films of the Main Competition will deserve our emotions and, possibly, will give us the sense of our own self".

Igor Voloshin: "I want cinema to turn me upside down in this hall, or inside out, shook me and make me believe in this unique and sacred experience of entering the hall, dimming lights and getting immersed in what is going on in the screen. I will switch my soul's strength up to the limit and will wait for an encounter with big art".