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"I will never play in my films": the actress and director Tatyana Lyutaeva about the film "Montevideo Unit"

The director Tatyana Lyutaeva, the scriptwriter Ilia Tilkin, the producers Igor Mishin and Sergey Bobza, and the actors Aleksey Serebryakov and Agnia Ditkovskyte presented the film "Montevideo Unit" taking part in the Russian Premieres Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

The plot focuses on the talented surgeon Alexander Lunin, who is released after 12 years in prison following an unfair sentence for killing his wife. He is not able to talk due to the fierce psychological trauma. His daughter is blaming him for ruining her life and does not want anything to do with him. Alexander will have to fix things, make up for his guilt, save himself, his daughter, and her unborn child.

The producer Igor Mishin believes "this film goes as far as biblical interpretation of the meaning of life", which is why he was so struck by the story Ilya Tilkin had written. Agnia Ditkovskyte described her work in the film "a turning point in the career", and Aleksey Serebryakov admitted that, because of his long friendship with Tatyana Lyutaeva, working on this film was easier and harder at the same time, "as any remark is taken painfully".

"I realized from the first film I directed that I would never play in my own films, even in minor cast. I think the director should be on the other side and watch how actors perform, what they do, and help them", Lyutaeva stressed.