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"This is a film about all possible twists, which can happen in our life", the director Yulia Trofimova about the film Liar

The director and script writer Yulia Trofimova, the producer Katerina Mikhaylova and the actor Arseny Weiss presented the film Liar participating in the Russian Premiere Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The story focuses on the 17-year-old Eva. During the summer holidays, Eva gets a job at an ice cream parlor, hoping to make friends or meet a cute guy. But summer is ending, and nothing has happened to her. On one of the last days in August, the once famous, but long-forgotten pop singer Alexander Voronov comes into the cafe. He is in a bad mood and takes it out on a young waitress. Offended, Eva runs into the courtyard of the cafe, he tries to catch up with her to get the change from the bill, she screams… An absurd situation arises in which the crowd gathered to shout concludes that Alexander tried to rape her. And Eva doesn't deny it. The tangle of lies begins to twist.

Yulia Trofimova: "For me this is a film about all possible twists, which can happen in our life. It seems to me it is very pleasant to take one side, especially if the majority has taken it and it is very hard to go against the majority listening to your voice. Probably, the film has something from Wes Anderson, François Ozon, Woody Allen – just because they are my favourite directors who influenced me, but I haven't borrowed anything specific form them. This is quite a controversial film, including when it comes to its style, but it became somewhat very authentic".

Arseny Weiss: "The shooting set was filled with utmost affection. Maybe, this is why it seemed to me we made the film very quickly, despite we spent much time to prepare before the shooting, we met and talked with Yulia. It’s just that the crew was so adorable, being there brought warm feelings!"

Katerina Mikhaylova: "Indeed, it was really very easy, and it was real fun to shoot it, despite we filmed in Nizhny Novgorod: trains, airplanes and late arrivals of some actors made us kick up our heels. We filmed beyond Moscow for a reason, to make this othering felt in every frame of our film".