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"The part in my film became a certain symbol for Isabella Rossellini": Vladislav Alex Kozlov about the film "Silent Life: the Story of the Lady in Black"

"A Recipe for Success" out-of-competition program of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival featured the film by Vladislav Alex Kozlov "Silent Life: the Story of the Lady in Black" studying the life and love mystery of the first Hollywood's sex symbol Rudolph Valentino.

The main part is played by the 94-year-old American actress, an Oscar nominee Terry Moore, the legendary "Django", Franco Nero, worked on Rudolph's voice, and one of the characters was played by Isabella Rossellini.

"This film has been in the making for a very long time and with almost no money. When I started thinking of offering the role to Rossellini, I was taken to a hospital for urgent surgery. But I felt she should play the mother's part and I sent her this scene. So, when I asked her why she agreed, she said: "My mother Ingrid Bergman came to me in a dream – she was walking on the beach and saying that everything was fine, and that there was happiness and love out there, and you just sent me a very similar scene. Then I just knew I'd go for it". And we filmed it with Rossellini, for whom this work became a certain symbol", said Kozlov.