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"It's impossible to turn everyone perfect": the director Theodore Ushev about the film "Phi 1.618"

The acclaimed animation director, an Oscar nominee, graphic illustrator Theodore Ushev spoke about his feature film "Phi 1.618" taking part in the Main Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a new nation of eternal, biologically perfect humans, the Bio-Titans, who are preparing to leave Earth forever, onboard the ship Whirligig for its mission. In this utopian reality, the main characters Gargara and Krypton are trying to fight the foretold outcome and turn history around.

"My film reflects on the humanity's eternal quest of perfection, a way to go beyond the mundane. But my film is also about books, about love and how they can help us defeat tyranny. Chernyshevsky wrote that art is a tool for talking to people. My film speaks about the perils of the totalitarian society we all are anticipating, and how art can help us divert from this dangerous path. One of the signs of a totalitarian society is the desire to turn everyone perfect, but this is impossible because of human nature", said Theodore Ushev.