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"I always make "co-op" cinema": the director Svetlana Proskurina on the creative method and the film "First Love"

The director Svetlana Proskurina, the producer and set designer Yulia Timofeeva, the operator Oleg Lukichyov, the scriptwriter Ekaterina Tirdatova, the actors Igor Vernik, Marina Brusnikina and Liza Kugai presented the film "First Love" taking part in the main competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

"Just three years ago, I didn't imagine we would be working together, but over this film, we've become very close. I never make movies alone. I always make "co-op" cinema. I insist that Oleg Lukichyov has absolutely become my vision, as Alexander Sokurov put it when I first started working with Oleg. Yulia is not only our set designer, but also the producer of the film, in which we kept trying to make top style for little money. Katya Tirdatova can hear incredibly well, she doesn't have a single false word. And our amazing actors, that's another different story of its own", said Svetlana Proskurina.

Igor Vernik, Marina Brusnikina and Liza Kugai underlined that working with Svetlana Proskurina was a turning point in their lives.