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"Cinema helps us see who we are and tell each other about it", the BRICS Film Festival Jury speak of what they expect from the festival

The Jury of the BRICS Film Festival, which is again hosted as part of MIFF this year, spoke of their expectations from the festival. The Jury includes the actress Florence Masebe (South Africa), the producer Yirgashewa Teshome Amare (Ethiopia), the film critic Rao Shuguang (China), the first female director and scriptwriter in UAE Nayla Al Khaja (she will join the Jury later), the chair of the jury is the Russian producer, director and scriptwriter Aleksey Pimanov.

Aleksey Pimanov: "Festival cinema speaks its own language and I hope that the films participating in the competition will show their unique tunes. The BRICS includes countries representing great civilizations, with their own culture, their own history, one of a kind, with their own cinema, which is also unique, and for us it is very important to hear each other, to see each other and to understand each other. This is what the BRICS Film Festival helps us achieve".

Rao Shuguang: "I am confident that the BRICS Film Festival supports the development and cooperation in the cinema field both among the BRICS countries and cinematographies from across the world. In the next several days, we will have quite a demanding, but also very exciting, task to watch the BRICS films. And I am sure we will do our work properly, and the festival will become a true platform to develop cultural dialogue across countries".

Florence Masebe: "Cinema is a unique type of art, which helps us see who we are and tell each other about it. Cinema helps exchange views and share with people living in one part of the world the stories of people living elsewhere. So, this is an incredible opportunity to show how we live and learn about culture and traditions of other nations and continents".

Yirgashewa Teshome Amare: "I am very honoured to be able to join the Jury of the BRICS Film Festival. For almost 20 years, I have been managing the Ethiopian International Film Festival and every time I am reassured that film festivals offer great opportunities to come together. I believe the impact of this event will be especially seen in the BRICS countries and we will be able to discuss traditions and development of cinema of our countries".