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"It was important to make a self-sufficient film": the director Andrey Zaytsev about the film "14+ Sequel"

The director Andrey Zaytsev, the actors Gleb Kalyuzhnyy, Olga Ozollapinya, Polina Gukhman presented the film "14+ Sequel", which is taking part in the Main Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

"It was important to make a self-sufficient film, with no blind spots to watch it regardless of whether you saw the first part or not", noted Zaytsev.

In the continuation of the popular film produced eight years ago, not only Gleb Kaltyzhnyy's character meets his new love played by Polina Gukhman but he is also trying to answer the questions about family, duty, and his own path.

Gleb Kalyuznnyy and Olga Ozollapinya noted they were very happy to meet each other at the shooting area once again, and Polina Glukhman easily joined the filming process and confessed this work "remained in her heart". Andrey Zaytsev added they were looking for a "little hurricane" for this part and Polina did this job brilliantly.