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"We cut outside sounds to hear our vibrant inner struggle", the actress Priyam Archi about the film Nirvana

The director Asif Islam and the actress Priyam Archi (Bangladesh) presented the film Nirvana participating in the Main Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film focuses on three entities staying in the dark but longing to reach light. They make an incredible journey through the abstract concept of human existence to open up their inner world.

Asif Islam: "We shot the film at a factory, which greatly influenced the story itself. This was a transformer fabrication plant, a very noisy production site where you cannot even hear the voice of a person standing at a hand's distance, even when they yell. So, we decided to make our characters speechless. Our script was just on three pages, so we developed the story in the shooting progress. The film is again full of static shots. This is a story about the inner journey of three characters. This is why we made it black-and-white to detach the characters from reality with its numerous colours as much as possible".

Priyam Archi: "Our film is dedicated to human emotions, a spiritual journey of three characters, who live through grief and get over it. This is why the silence and the black-and-white picture play a very significant role here. The film was made during the pandemic, which, I believe, mirrored this silence of the surrounding world and the vibrant inner struggle. In the film, we tried to cut outside sounds to hear the inner struggle happening inside our selves".