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"For a documentary, it is hard to find people ready to open their soul and be honest", the director Anna Berger about the film Where is My Home

The director Anna Berger presented the film Where is My Home participating in the Documentary Film Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film's main character, Amadou, a young man from Guinea, is trying to make a life for himself in Moscow. In search of the "European dream" and somewhere to call home, Amadou breaks up with his girlfriend and runs to Germany, only to discover life is as difficult there. Will Amadou find his home, or will his journey continue? The female director is also trying to find an answer to this question together with her character.

Anna Berger: "This is my second film, in which the director is involved in the story itself. This is direct cinema genre, not an interview or a commentary directors give in some films. I believe that direct cinema helps show people right as they are. At least, I always want to reach it and do not try to show the best of myself in the film, being on a par with other characters. This is the approach I stick to. I am deeply interested in people, with their cultural background, stories, traditions, and origins. For a documentary, it can be hard to find people ready to open their soul and be honest. This is always a question about how fair they are, though".