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"This is a story about a woman, who could get over a tragedy and be happy again", the director Darina Umnova about the film Happily Ever After or Why the Dinosaurs Died Out

The director Darina Umnova, the producer Karina Sharafutdinova and the main character of the film Yana Lemesheva presented the film Happily Ever After or Why the Dinosaurs Died Out participating in the Documentary Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

A young woman from Russia's hinterland is writing a frank book about all her many loves. Living in a touching search for a new love and facing constant failures in relationships, she tries to answer the question if her happiness depends on having a man next to her. A tragicomedy about relationships, deception, betrayal, fears and the endless search for true love.

Darina Umnova: "I have known Yana for a long time. I and Yana studied together at the acting department, and we stayed in touch when I left for Moscow. In the film, there are some shots from 2015. At that time, I had an assignment to shoot a love story, and at that moment Yana was having a drama with her first husband. So, I decided to make a film about her. The result was a short film, which was even shown at some festivals, but we somehow forgot about it. Yana's life continued to be eventful, she got married again, and then things improved. And at some point, Karina and I thought of making a sequel about how Yana got over the tragedy, recovered and found woman's happiness again.

Yana Lemesheva: "When Darina came to shoot me in 2015, I was having very hard time emotionally. Of course, I tried to be kidding about it but there were really so many things and problems to attend to. And this film gave me some fresh air. Darina lived with us, we just were like real friends with her, and she recorded my life with her professional vision. I do not feel shame for anything in my life. I am quite happy and love my own life".