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"No doubt, this film has a connection with Dostoevsky", the Turkish director Murat Düzgünoğlu about the film Between Dog and Wolf

The director and script writer Murat Düzgünoğlu and the producer Evren Yildirim presented the Turkish film Between Dog and Wolf participating in 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film tells a story of Orhan who comes to visit his friend, Izzet, and Izzet tells him he is going to retire and return to his native village. Orhan feels let down by Izzet and kills him on an impulse. Orhan is suspected of murdering him, but he doesn’t confess. Meanwhile he reunites with his former fiancée Asli who looks after her mother. Asli dreams of marrying him to avoid moving in with her sister and looking after her mother. Orhan feels increasingly alienated because of remorse and becomes almost unable to tell reality from dreams.

Murat Düzgünoğlu: "No doubt, this film has a connection with Russian culture, first of all with Dostoevsky's literature. But it also has link to Tarkovsky, like it was in my previous work. This director greatly impacted my mindset. The filming took about four years. We mainly filmed in Istanbul, but there are some key scenes we went to film in the border with Iran. This film is different from my previous works, possibly, because here I wanted to keep maximum distance from the main character".

Evren Yildirim: "I liked how Murar could organize engagement with actors in this film. On one hand we can call this a multi-figure film, but on the other we did not have a task to contrast all characters with the main character, they rather were reflecting his features".