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Director of "Trail of the Beast" Nenad Pavlovic about his film: "I took my father's script and added features from his other works"

The Serbian director Nenad Pavlovic presented his debut film "The Trail of the Beast" at the Main Competition of Moscow International Film Festival. It is based on the works of his father, the renowned director, scriptwriter and scholar Zivojin Pavlovic, one the key representatives of the Yugoslavian Black Wave.

"My father wrote this script together with my mother, who was a journalist. But when I started shooting, I was more focused on taking the concept and the "The trail of the beast" title and added there many characters and story lines from my father's other novels, also enhancing the thriller component", noted Pavlovic.

The film is set in 1979 Communist Yugoslavia. A rising journalist star working on a report about a brutal murder that shocked a small town in rural countryside uncovers a web of hidden truths. It is an exciting story, that, beneath the Protests of 1968, a political murder and a family drama, submerges into violence, self-destruction and terror. Pavlovic intentionally mixed several ages in the film and added allusions not only to his father's different novels, but also to Italian, French detectives, and Roman Polanski's "Chinatown".

Serbian actors played in the film, including Petar Zekavica and Milena Radulovic well-known in Russia. The film was also shown in Serbia. "The senior generation accepted the film very well, because they remember that time and those events. It's more complicated with the younger generation: they are influenced by modern political trends and for them it is hard to accept the fact a Communist Yugoslavia existed, they are just opposing it", underlined Pavlovic.