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"The key discovery was how Stas saw the portraying poetry": the producer Fedor Popov about Stanislav Svetlov's directorial debut "Ada"

The Russian Premieres competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival features the directorial debut by Stanislav Svetlov "Ada" made by VGIK-Debut production center.

"When I was working on this film I was not that much convinced by the literary features of the script, but by the portraying approach. Before the production started, Stanislav together with his cameraman Pavel Medvedev and the artist Natalya Sultanova went to Central Russia to choose the shooting location. And when I saw what they filmed, I realized this was an outstanding film, that Stas has his own aesthetics and a creative approach. So, for me, the key discovery was exactly how he could fulfill his potential, see this portraying poetry", noted the producer of the film Fedor Popov.

The original script was written by Svetlov himself and Evgeniy Baranov, but to improve it, the director decided to use a "full throttle" approach and simply wrote to all the scriptwriters whose films he had liked through the recent years. He got a response from Denis Osokin, who had worked on films by Aleksey Fedorchenko, whose film "Ovsyanki" (Silent Souls) was filmed in the same place as "Ada", in the town of Gorbatov, Nizhny Novgorod region.

The film "Ada" focuses on a 12-year-old girl faced with her first love and first challenges of adulthood in her hometown on the reiver bank, where she lives with her mother. The film "Ada" is the first screen appearance for the lead actress Mariya Kozhukhantseva.