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"This film is considered very French in Romania and very Romanian in France": the director Cornel Gheorghita about the film "The Deadman's Bride"

The director Cornel Gheorghita presented the film "The Deadman's Bride" taking part in the Main Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival. The film was co-produced by Romania and France and is based on a real story.

"In 1990, after Ceausescu's demise, I left Romania and went to France, where I continued to make movies. But Romania is my home country. It's surprising that the Romanian audience called this film very French, while the French said "The Deadman's Bride" was a very Romanian film", noted Cornel Gheorghita.

A team of three Frenchmen settles down in a Romanian village to shoot a documentary about baptism, marriage, funeral, but the latter would not come their way and the shooting team decided to stage up a funeral.

The director continued that the film was based on a true story. It was a real report that was being made for the Romanian television. And when the funeral was never filmed, the real shooting team asked three local people to "play" the funeral. They were very much surprised when the villagers started throwing rocks at them when the team came back to make some extra shots. It turned out that after the shooting, the priest held a service to atone the sins of those locals for taking part in this televised performance. The only ones who did not attend were those three persons who had taken part in the mock funeral. Surprisingly, they died right after the service.