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Natalya Gugueva about the film "Tuman" (Fog): "My documentary feeling for the present helped me with my feature debut"

The acclaimed documentarian Natalya Gugueva presented her debut feature film "The Fog" at the 45th Moscow International Film Festival within its Russian Premieres competition.

"This film was conceived four years ago when I faced some experiences I realized I would not be able to present in a documentary. We shot "The Fog" in harsh northern conditions, the tundra, in the Teriberka area. I think my "documentary feeling" for the present helped me. It allowed us to combine the nature of acting and the nature of the north. We thoroughly prepared with the actors and did not practice right during the shooting as we had to keep up with the uncertain weather of the Kola Peninsula. Well, the documentary filmmaking experience also helped us to adapt to the weather. On the first shooting day, there was a storm in Teriberka, and I understood we had to change the production schedule, because our storm scene was later. So, I'm grateful to the film crew, for they were always ready for such sudden changes", said Natalya Gugueva.

Natalya Gugueva's thriller speaks about the female operator Nastya going to a northern weather station to investigate the disappearance of a married couple of meteorologists. The film was shot at the oldest working weather station on the Barents Sea shore. To prepare for the film, Natalya had a lot of discussions with real meteorologists. The main parts were played by Valeriya Repina, Denis Bondarenko, and Olga Krasko. Shandor Berkeshi was the film's cinematographer and Anton Silaev composed the music.