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"A film should hold you from the first minute till the last moment", the Jury of the Russian Premiere Competition speak of the approaches to watching films

The Jury of the Russian Premiere Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival – the producer Aleksander Akopov, the director Andrey Zaytsev and the actress Tatyana Lyutaeva spoke about the approaches to watching films.

Aleksander Akopov: "I really like yesterday's words of Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov that a spectator should associate with the film and adore the way it shows them. We can hardly find filmmakers creating such films. One of my criteria when I watch a film is that it should hold you from the first minute till the last moment. All of us work for the sake of this feeling. No one separately rates decorations, editing or an actor's smile. Everyone works to make a film hold spectators from its start until the end".

Andrey Zaytsev: "Soon I will be shooting a film and usually I work without a casting director, I select actors myself because nothing will work without them acting. I always watch films to see new faces. But at the same time, I am a thankful spectator and understand that right when I start looking at make-up, costumes, editing, score quality, this means the film does not hook me up and then I watch it only from a professional standpoint".

Tatyana Lyutaeva: "Yesterday I got really interested after I saw the trailers of the films participating in this competition. The films are very diverse, and this interests me. I always support honesty and respect opinions of authors and their teams. But this should be not just some yelling, moves and jokes, but a well-thought story. A filmmaker, director, cameraman or a scriptwriter who does his work earlier and everything depends on him, as a matter of fact, must see their film in is final before the first day of the shooting. If they do it – everything works properly!"