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"When you shoot using this student-style approach you forget about money and recall creativity", Vladimir Kott about the way he shot the film Man and Woman

The director, script author Vladimir Kott, the producer Georgiy Malkov and the actress Anna Kotova presented the film Man and Woman participating in the Russian Premiere Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

Man and Woman is a collection of stories written by Vladimir Kott. It took about two years to make the film and each story was shot separately as an independent small film. All the seven stories are about simple true-to-life, universal circumstances and situations involving men and women. All characters relate to each other, which makes it a full film about love.

Georgiy Malkov: "Making the film, Vladimir said he wanted to remember what he taught to his students and recover this student-style shooting format. I offered him to gather artists for a few days and shoot all the novels together, but he told me right away that in this case films, like the stories, should be made with gaps. So, we adopted this student enthusiastic style. However, the budget of a bit less than 50 million rubles was not magically low".

Vladimir Kott: "When you shoot using this approach you forget about money and recall creativity. Actors, the shooting crew, cameramen worked for smaller rates. I felt stronger when I understood I could revive this student-style approach in them. Well-known actors played in our films. This actors' fraternity is real, this is a secret society, which is completely immaterial, but everyone spreads the word, and then the director's reputation is minted from this immaterial society, when actors know if they should join your project or not. And I am grateful that they agreed to take part in the film".

Anna Kotova: "This is my first time working with Volodya and I liked this experience a lot. I am always wondering how Volodya can manage everything. For me this film fully exposes your soul, showing something everyone keeps inside or only shows to his close ones at home, and Volodya cropped it up, but he did it showing deep love whatever our characters were up to".