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"Good films are stories, which can travel": the Jury of the Documentary Film Competition speak about their expectations from the film festival

The Jury of the Documentary Film Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival – the South African director and producer Rehad Desai, the Turkish director Hakan Aytekin and the Russian filmmaker Sergey Golovetsky – spoke about their expectations from the Festival's competition program.

Rehad Desai: "I want to see films, which will last with me, make me reflect for at least a few days. The films, which will leave a trace inside me, resonate emotionally and intellectually. Good films are stories, which can travel, which you can take with yourself. Films not only mint us as personalities, but also make us a society".

Hakan Aytekin: "Moscow Film Festival features films from absolutely all countries, shot in absolutely different languages and I, as the Jury member, value the opportunity to watch them. You know, there are 65 most popular languages in the world, but the one uniting us is the cinema language".

Sergey Golovetsky: "As a jury member, I hope to see everything I see in the documentary program every year, for which I am very grateful to the selectors. During all these years I see how the cinema language is evolving, becoming more complex. After all, cinema is a young art compared to other forms. When I watch these films, I can feel this hard skin of established perceptions of cinema being removed. It is very important to develop this language. The documentary program of Moscow Festival always gives me food for thought and discoveries".