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"People destroy nature by their actions and nature kicks back": the actor Tarik Anam Khan about the film "The Scent of Sin"

The producer Srivastava Sandeep, the director Nurul Alam Atique and the actor Tarik Anam Khan presented the film "The Scent of Sin" taking part in the Main Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film's protagonist Peyara is an unhappy spouse of an older man, having been married to him by her uncle in return for some money. Peyara is disappointed to know her husband is a coffin maker and she pushes him away, but he becomes furious and rapes the woman every day. Peyara decides to take her revenge and starts poisoning him. Her husband gets demented by the poison and cannot stop smelling the rotting corpse on his body.

The main parts were played by the popular Bangladesh actors and the husband loathed by Peyara, played by Joya Ahsan, is embodied on the screen by her real spouse. This is not her first experience working with the director Nurul Alam Atique. The performer of the part of Peyara's ex-boyfriend, Tarik Anam Khan, is also a popular actor in Bangladesh.

"The Russian literature, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Maxim Gorky, deeply influenced me. As to our film, the name of the main character translates as "beautiful", but as you can see, she's not completely like that. The message of our film is that people through their actions destroy our mother nature, which is also a key character of the film, and nature begins to kick back", stressed Tarik Anam Khan.