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"Short films are a separate format giving birth to major filmmakers of the future", the Jury of the Short Film Competition speak about the responsibility for their choices

The Jury of the Short Film Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival (the director, script writer, film critic from Marocco Abdelilah El Jaouhary, the Russian actress Mariya Andreeva and the American director and producer Max Weissberg) spoke about the responsibility they have selecting films at the competition.

Abdelilah El Jaouhary: "Of course, when you yourself present a film at a festival, your feelings are different, and I better prefer showing my films than judging films of others. This is a huge responsibility! But I am happy to be part of the Jury at Moscow International Film Festival. We will do everything to select a film, which would touch our souls. But don't forget that prizes are always given by specific people in the jury and if these people are different, another film can be named the best".

Mariya Andreeva: "It is very exciting to present a film at a festival and it is a great responsibility to select the best film being part of the jury. But I agree with our Chair. Everything depends on the team doing the selection. The three of us will select a film, which will open our hearts. For me it is very interesting and exciting to know what choice we will make. Especially, given that short films are a separate format giving birth to major filmmakers of the future. And our choice might change the destiny of each contestant".

Max Weissberg: "Each film is a miracle. I made a few films myself and each of them, literally, left some scars on me. So, being in the jury is probably easier than presenting your own film at a festival. As a person with a filmmaking background, I know all standard approaches used to assess films, but huge emotions are invested when making a film and for me these emotions bounce back when the film is screened at a festival".