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"No doubt, Sergey Solovyov influenced me and my making of this film": the director Stacy Venkova about her debut feature film "Secret Passion"

The actors Mariya Yanycheva, Anton Rogachev, Daria Balabanova, the scriptwriter Anna Ovcharova, the producer Fyodor Popov and the director Stacy Venkova presented the film "Secret Passion" taking part in the Russian Premieres Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

The main character is the young actress Veta. Her professor notices her and supports her in creating her first performance. During her creative work she lives out her trauma related to her father leaving their family.

"This picture is definitely related to the relationship with my master curator, Sergei Alexandrovich Solovyov, who undoubtedly influenced me. When I brought him the script in my first year, he read it, gathered the whole course and said: "Stacy, do it!" And he supported me in my dream. So, this line of relationship with the course master in the film is quite autobiographical", noted Stacy Venkova.

The role of the father in the film was played by the musician Nike Borzov, who agreed to the picture with the words: "I am liking this, you are liking this, so let's like this together". According to Anton Rogachev, the young artists who played the lead roles in the film were of the same mood.