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"Cinema takes on a social responsibility and our responsibility is to protect cultural and natural heritage": the producer Joel Nunez about the film "Black Moon"

Within the Main Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival, the producer Joel Nunez, the director Tonatiuh Garcia, and the artist Jose Luis Aguilar presented the film "Black Moon" based on real events, which took place in Veracruz, Eastern Mexico.

The plot focuses on a quiet village of Jalcomulco, where life flows just slowly. A big family lives in the village consisting of the elder sister with a small child, the misfit middle brother suffering from alcoholism, whose wife left him for another man, the young sister, an enrollee dreaming of fleeting to the capital, the grandpa with dementia who used to drive trains until the government sold them to the United States together with the tracks. Unexpected news will get the whole village to come to the streets and make each of the characters take life-changing decisions.

"Cinema takes on an important social responsibility, and our responsibility is to protect cultural heritage, the environment. We hope that Russia's audience, after watching the film, will understand that such events cannot happen again in the future, and we need to actively act and struggle. This film is dedicated to all the people who were marginalized in society and have not been able to fulfill their dreams", noted the producer Joel Nunez.

Veracruz, where the film was made, is the homeland of the director and the production designer. That is why it was important for them to reflect their native traditions and culture in the screen. According to the director, in this sense he was influenced not only by the magical realism of Marquez and the Latin American literature in general, but also by the vibrant culture of Mexico's pre-Hispanic period.