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"One of the reasons why we made this film is the catastrophe of drug addiction impacting more young people": the director Mehdi Bakshi Moghadam about the film "Mom Shokoukh House"

The Iranian director Mehdi Bakshi Moghadam presented his film "Mom Shokoukh House" at the Documentary Film Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival and spoke about the reasons, which encouraged him to make this film, which tells the story of a rehab where young girls are forcefully brought to get rid of drug addiction.

"One of the reasons why we made the film is the catastrophe of drug addiction impacting more young people. In our country, this addiction has engulfed teenagers, which is a great concern. Our film is, in a sense, a warning", noted Mehdi Bakshi Moghadam.

He also said the film crew had spent a long time looking for a rehab center to film. And when they arrived at Mom Shokoukh House, they saw beautiful young women who had been abusing for years, although many think drug addicts are socially segregated. The group spent months gaining the girls' trust. They could do it step by step: the girls stopped treating them like "strangers" and shared everything "that upset them and made them suffer", they stopped getting embarrassed by the camera, and nothing had to be staged or made up for the film.