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"I wanted to show not just the beauty of mountains, but also of people living in Central Asia", the director Álex Galán about the film Territory

The director and script writer Álex Galán presented the film Territory participating in the Documentary Film Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

In the Central Asian steppe, Kyrgyz herders live in constant conflict with ghosts in winter. At -20 below zero, the last shack in the valley awaits the arrival of an actor in peak of his career. A story about renunciation, territory and the deconstruction of the media.

Álex Galán: "My previous film Savages told a story of my native land, about the conflict happening there. And I wanted to continue telling about such territories, yet not from a perspective of a conflict, but from an isolation perspective. I was interested in the life of minor communities not only in my native Spanish land, but also in the Central Asia. I wanted to study it in more detail. Why did I choose Central Asia? In the recent six years, I regularly visited Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries several times a year, living with nomads' families, studying their life. And it seemed it was really interesting to tell a story about them. To show not just the genuine beauty of mountains, but also of people living there, we must show someone completely unrelated to it. The character is, in part, an outsider arriving at this steppe, he symbolizes all of us and tries to face nature there, along with his roots and original life purpose".