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"The topic of migration in USA has always concerned me", the director Rocko D. Márquez about the film Impostor(es)

The director and script writer Rocko D. Márquez presented the film Impostor(es) participating in the Documentary Film competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

In 2016 two Mexican 'dreamers' are deported to their homeland for falsifying identities in the US. They are now far away from their loved ones and deprived of everything they had. Óscar Ayala (35), a former Milwaukee cop who pretended to be his late cousin, a US citizen, and Rodolfo Quiroz (36), a former trafficker who helped migrants to come to Texas, aka Antonio Montana, dream of reuniting with their loved ones in the US, now that they have served their 10-year sentence banned from that country. But Trump's victory in the US presidential elections turns their dream into a nightmare.

Rocko D. Márquez: "The topic of migration in USA has always concerned me and has been close to me: when I was a kid, I saw my kins move to the US, then come back 10 years later, and their children could not even speak Spanish, which seemed very strange to me. I always had this topic in my head but did not know through which characters I could talk about it, when I came across a news message about a sheriff who worked in the US police for 20 years under someone's name. At the end of the article there was a reference to the first such cop revealed earlier. That was the Óscar Ayala. It turned out my wife knew someone who knew Óscar. Rodolfo was the man my wife knew. He agreed to introduce me to Óscar, but on condition that he would tell his story too. This is how two characters appeared in my film. We began shooting in 2016 even before Trump came to power and we were sure he would lose. But it turned out to be the opposite, which made our characters' return to US more difficult. But we continued recording their journey and finished filming only at the end of last year".