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"I was lucky to be born in the family, where such characters live": the director Yuriy Mokienko about the film "Fathers"

The director Yuriy Mokienko, who was taught by Alksander Sokurov, within the Documentary Film Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival, presented his debut feature film "Fathers" about his family.

"The main characters in this film are my father and brother. It so happened our family has a connection with theater and cinema, so it did not take me long to find the characters. I was lucky to be born in the family, where such characters live, and I decided for myself that they are more like cartoon characters, not film characters, with their discrete emotions and vivid adventures", noted Yuriy Mokienko.

The film is focused on a family living in a village, which decided to host a kids cinema festival and for that to shoot their own film using a mobile phone with a spade instead of a tripod. Yet, the shooting becomes a real challenge for all these bunch of filmmakers.

"Fathers" was filmed in summer 2021. Before filming, Mokienko told his master curator Aleksander Sokurov about the idea of this film and thought he would not like it, because "it was very unlikely that professional filmmakers would be interested in watching this". But Sokurov agreed saying the characters and characters were very funny.