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"Life added its own drama to our film": the director Maria Finkelshtein about the film "Let Me Win"

The directors Svetlana Muzychenko, Maria Finkelshtein, and the producer Olga Sloutsker presented the film "Let Me Win" participating in the Documentary Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

The official film of the United Games of the Special Olympics in Kazan speaks about the origin of this movement in late 1960s and the role it played to develop sport inclusion, through personal stories of athletes, their parents, and coaches in their constant struggle against numerous obstacles.

"I was lucky to have a great friend, Olga Sloutsker, who told me about the Special Olympics, because she runs this movement. First, we went to the qualifying tournament in Kazan to see how everything was going. Maxim Arbugaev, nominated for Oscar this year, was making b-roll for this film. Already at that point, I got very inspired by this topic, especially since I was watching a lot of films about autism and mental health, and I met our character, Roma. We went back to Moscow with a lot of footage and the aim to get funding for the project. Sber became the general partner and we are very grateful for that. With this funding we were able to afford to shoot the film and the characters, including those from remote regions. Of course, life added its own drama to our film, but I believe it only improved it", said Maria Filkenshtein.