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"It is impossible to squeeze all historic periods and character types in one film": the director Julia Bobkova about the film "The Vladimir Central"

The director Julia Bobkova and the producer Angelina Ashman presented the film "The Vladimir Central" taking part in the Documentary Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

"The Vladimir Central" is part of the documentary study of Russian prisons, which was started by Angelina Ashman's film "Kresty". According to Angelina, Julia Bobkova could convey her own author's perspective.

"What Julia felt about the characters in the interviews was a directorial success. Few directors, even very experienced ones, can do such in-depth interviews. The main thing is that while watching the film there is no 100% feeling that some of these characters should be put up against the wall and executed", noted Ashman.

Julia Bobkova emphasized that during thorough preparations for the film, a selection of both characters and time periods was made, because the history of the Vladimir Central detention center is too big. "We deliberately chose the characters who remained in the film. In my opinion, it is impossible to squeeze all historic periods and all character types in one film", concluded the director.