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"A short film is like a flash": the jury of the Short Film Competition about filming with a smartphone and the films, which influenced them

The jury of the Short Film Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival – the Russian actress Alyona Babenko, the independent filmmaker of Bangladesh Juboraj Shamim, the Italian scriptwriter and actor Giorgio Cugno (Jury Chair) – spoke about the films, which influenced them, and their attitude to low-budget filming.

Giorgio Cugno: "Of course, I was very much influenced by Fellini's and Pasolini's films, by Italian neorealism. I remember when I was making my first film somewhere in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I had no money for professional equipment, and I ended up editing it physically, using two VCRs, so, if I made a mistake, I had to start all over again. Today, young filmmakers have a lot more possibilities. Films can be made with a smartphone. But it's important to remember that it's just a tool, and the main thing is who's behind it and what message they want to send".

Juboraj Shamim: "I admire the films of Kim Ki-duk, Andrei Tarkovsky, I was also impressed by Andrei Zvyagintsev's "The Return" and "The Turin Horse" by Bela Tarr. I agree with my colleague that today there are much more possibilities to make films, and for independent filmmakers, which I am, a smartphone is a very important tool, because you don't always have money for other equipment. But, of course, it's important what story you want to tell and what emotion you want to convey to the audience".

Alyona Babenko: "My love of cinema began very early, when I watched Rodion Nakhapetov's film "About You". I really love filmmakers with their wish to share their stories and emotions, and I often make short films. However, when money becomes a problem, I refuse to work for free and say, like, "do find a penny". And then I give them this money back "for post-production". Right now me and my friend, Alisa Nekrasova, with whom we made the short film "Chasing The Rubbish, or My Beloved Husband ", which, by the way, took part in various festivals, came up with a new film, so if anyone can help with money, we would be happy. But we'll make it anyway, because we can't help but share the story. A short film is like a flash, and it's good to shoot it quickly while it is still on, because after a while, the idea and the touch can fade away as if they never came".