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"We do not send a simple message: like, create a blog and bullying will end", the director Sasha Karmayeva speaks of her full-length debut All Wrong Girl

The director Sasha Karmayeva, the producer Fedor Popov, the editor Anna Krutiy, the actors Rimma Latysheva, Sofia Arzhanykh and Nikita Voronov presented the film All Wrong Girl within the Russian Premiere Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film tells a story of Ksyusha Subbotina, who is going to have a graduation ball at school soon, but she does not know what to do with her life at all. She fails to write songs for her band, her parents do not have the courage to divorce, and the cute boy Pogulyaev, with whom Ksyusha is in love, ignores her because Ksyusha is fat, like everyone around thinks of her. After another round of sneers, she creates a blog. Now she is "a fatty", a cringe queen making fun of herself and the whole world. She gets famous quickly, but then it gets no longer funny at all.

Sasha Karmayeva: "In the film, we do not send a simple message: like, create a blog, get popular and bullying will end. We say that bullying can go on. Despite you can hit back, stand up to the offender, you might become a bully yourself. So, this is really a complex matter and I hope that both youth and adults will take away from the film that you should start with yourself. Maybe parents who will watch our film, will care of their kids a bit more and support them".

Rimma Latysheva: "I finished school in 2019 and the pain which I reflected in the film stopped when I changed school. And before that I faced bullying and disgusting relations with my classmates. I am happy I could leave this painful experience in this film".

Sofia Arzhanykh: "When I was at school, I thought the girls like my character were wicked, for sure. But now I understand that teenagers tend to be maximalists, splitting everything into black and white. But the older you get, the more you understand that everything is not completely like this. In the film, there is a dialogue about people who hurt others getting the same experience. When it comes to my character, it is related to her relations with her mother. Some parents have excessive expectations from their children, whom they do not hear. And my character overcomes such an attitude by putting on a mask of a die-hard girl, but, I believe, her behaviour and manners speak of her self-doubt, her attempts to fit the image of a girl, whom her mother wants her to be".