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"In my country this film was stonewalled", the director and priest Ciprian Mega about the film 21 Rubies

The director Ciprian Mega, the producers Laura Mega and Silviu Ciobanu, and the actor Vișan Dorel presented the film 21 Rubies participating in the Main Competition of 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film focuses on a Romanian prosecutor brought into the spotlight due to a political turmoil and offered an attorney general job.

Ciprian Mega: "The film was stonewalled in my country at several film festivals because of the prime minister's intervention. It turned out that it was bold not just to make this film, but also to show it in your country. They asked me if I was brave because only a courageous or mad person could go for it".

Vișan Dorel: "Telling the truth is madness, not courage. You need courage to enter a lion's cage, but telling the truth is a man's duty. We are artists. Our mission is to tell people they have two lives, a bodily life and a moral life. This film is exactly about the moral aspect of life, its mission, or Messiah you can meet at a church".